*nod* :>


I haven't posted an entry here in over year but I'm not dead, I swear!

My LJ was always meant for me to post "bigger" entries with pictures and such, like my convention reports, for example. Unfortunately, as much I as love doing them, they take up a lot of time so most of my "blogging" has been more on sites where I can just post stuff quick and short, and move on.

If anyone out there is reading this and cares to know what's currently going on in my life, here are some links to where I'm active online. Not all the time, but each site below serves a purpose in its own way.

Who knows, if any of you guys are still out there, maybe I'll make it a habit to start posting more here again. (Comment to let me know you're out there, please!)

Anyways, here are the links:

Plurk - I'm most active here where I talk about RL and fandom stuff the most (thus why it is private to friends only, but you're welcome to add me as a friend). Basically, it's like my LJ but in smaller doses.
Tumblr - If you're only interested in my art, this is where I post finished art and news of what conventions I'll be tabling at next. There are times where I've been tempted to make a Tumblr for just fandom-related stuff but it hasn't happened yet. We'll see, who knows.
Twitter - This is mostly intended to be strictly public news of what I'm doing (work-in-progress shots, con news, etc) but every now and then you'll see an RL or fandom-related tweet. I'm not the type to tweet a million things in a day so don't expect too much activity from me here (again, most of it goes to Plurk since I can make it private) but it's good to have if you want to be up to date with me.
Instagram - This is pretty new, I joined not too long ago. It's pretty similar to my Twitter in ways, but there's another option for you.
MyAnimeList - If you simply just want to know what anime I'm currently watching, here you go!
Skype - username: "onelani1" Sometimes I have it on all the time, sometimes not. If you simply just want to talk to me without the worry of a phone bill, here ya go.

Also, if you want to know, yes, I still cosplay! Here's who I have lined up so far for 2015. Looking forward to being these two dorks.